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Andrea Sampson

About Andrea Sampson

Andrea Sampson serves as the President and CEO of Efe Magazine, a trailblazing publication that stands as Canada's premier diverse magazine within the professional beauty industry. As a dynamic entrepreneur, accomplished keynote speaker, and dedicated educator, Andrea is passionately committed to advancing inclusivity and representation in the professional beauty sector. With a keen focus on raising awareness of diversity in the Canadian market, Andrea has become a prominent figure in the industry.

Her influence extends beyond print, as she has been featured on esteemed television programs such as The Social, Marilyn Dennis, ET, and CityLine. Recognized as a multicultural expert, Andrea has played a pivotal role in simplifying the understanding of textured hair. Andrea's engaging keynotes delve into various topics, including motherhood, entrepreneurship, and the critical importance of representation. Her career serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowerment, leadership, and diversity, not only within the beauty industry but also in the broader global context. Andrea Sampson stands as a driving force, fostering positive change and shaping a more inclusive world.

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